Composition and arrangement for “Geschichten”

My work for Simone Sandroni’s piece “Geschichten die ich nie erzählte” at Theater Bielefeld combined composition , sound design, arrangement and music editing. Apart from composing original music, I had to subtly rearrange and edit existing music. The result is a extremely personal and intimate but also entertaining piece of contemporary dance.

Music for “Boxom”

In cooperation with the well-known singer Y’akoto I composed the music for this great dance theatre piece by Helge Letonja. With dancers from Africa and Europe the piece deals with West-African realities and gazes from there to Europe and back. It merges different perspectives and dance languages and combines dance, live vocals and live music mixing.
The piece was premiered at Africtions festival in Ludwigshafen, but has been shown in Stadttheater Bremen, Le Theatre de Verdure Dakar Senegal, Hebelhalle Heidelberg and Staatstheater Kassel

Music and sound design for “B.”

I was was very happy to compose music and produce sound design for Kai Stänicke’s first animation film B. It was shot using handcrafted Barbie puppets, but isn’t as nice and superficial as the original dolls. In fact, it slowly turns into a nightmare…
It was premiered at the Hofer Filmtage.

Sound editing for Nevin Aladag’s “Traces”

I was great fun to do the sound design and sound editing for Nevin Aladag’s 3-channel video installation “Traces” at Kunstmuseum Stuttgart. It’s seems like the second chapter of Nevin’s prior work “Session”, which was set in Dubai. Only this time it’s set in Stuttgart. I especially love violine playing carousel!

Music for “Be sombody else” part 2

The second part of Isabel Mohn’s piece “Be sombody else” premiered at the Théâtre Prospero in Montreal, Quebec. The music I composed constantly shifts between sounds, noise and music. For example, I used a recording of sombody breathing and gradually filtered a melody with four-part harmonization out of it using solely an equalizer. Or the other way round: I gradually filtered all the tonal elements out of a music recording, ending up with only sound and noise.

Sound editing and sound mixing for documentary

Moritz Siebert’s wonderful documentary film “Erntehelfer” is about Cyriac, an Indian catholic priest who serves in a tiny Bavarian village. Moritz followed Cyriac and the people in the village for more than a year and managed to get really close to their every-day life. The intimacy and authenticity of his film was partly made possible by him filming and recording audio single-handedly. But this also meant that a lot had to be done in post production and that my job was quite demanding. But I was happy to contribute to this film by doing audio repair, sound editing, sound design and sound mixing.