Music and sound design for “Consuming Me”

This is my second collaboration with film director Kai Stänicke. Working with Kai is always fun and rewarding because of his fine sense for musical subtleties. This short film was also a great opportunity for me to combine and fuse sound design, composition and music production.

Sound editing for Nevin Aladag’s Session

It was great fun to do the sound editing for Nevin Aladag’s latest work “Session”. It’s a 3 channel video installation featuring traditional arabic musical instruments. They are “played” by desert wind, waves, sand, dripping water and the wind blast on a motor bike. Mixed and edited the instruments form a band!

Certified Ableton Live Trainer

Yeah!!! I am a certified Ableton Live trainer!
I got the official Ableton certificate after three rounds of evaluation and an intensive workshop at the Ableton headquaters.
From now on I offer officially certified hands-on workshops and individual one-to-one-training covering all aspects of Live: from the fundamentals of creating music to more advanced production, composing and performance techniques, either in German or English.
No matter if you are a beginner, an advanced Live user, a hobby musician or a professional producer, just contact me for a free trial lesson!

Being a professionally trained music teacher for secondary schools, I also offer special workshops for schools and music teachers.

Music for the dance piece “Be Sombody Else”

It was so much fun to play  cello, tuba and e-guitar for the music composed for Isabel Mohn’s contemporary dance piece “Be sombody Else”. The piece was premiered at “Quartiers Danses” in Montreal, Canada.

Kafka’s “The Castle” at Deutsches Theater Berlin

It was hard work for everyone to stage Kafka’s novel “The castle” ; for director Nurkan Erpulatand his advisor Jens Hillje, the fantastic actors including Moritz Grove, Sesede Terziyan and Katharina Matz, as well as my composer-collegue Tobias Schwenke and me.  The music is twofold and consists of dark soundscapes that capture the disturbing and oppressive atmosphere of the piece and songs by the doors sung live by a children’s choir, which adds a sincere absurdity. I produced the soundscapes, recorded the accompaniment and arranged the songs together with Tobias.

Sound design for “Sorori”

The work for Ulrike Ruf’s experimental music theatre piece “Sorori” was probably my most intense collaboration so far. Based solely on the diary entries and the multimedia estate of a young girl who committed suicide, the piece portrays her coming-of-age during the early post-reunification time in Berlin. Working together with a composer, a video artist and a set designer, we tried to follow the young girl’s search for herself. Using old mixtapes, private recordings and pre-recorded diary entries, I created a 8-channel audio installation that was mixed live to the performance of the well-known choir Vocalconsort.