Sound Design for “The Nightingale and The Rose”

It was a real pleasure to record and produce foley and sounddesign for this beautifully made cutout animation film by Larisa Lauber. The film was awarded the “Highly recommended” seal of approval by the “Deutsche Film- und Medienbewertung” (FBW).

Music for “The Home Project”

It was great fun to compose and play the music for “The Home Project”, a contemporary dance piece by Isabel Mohn. It was performed at “Tangente” in Montreal, Canada and at “Schwankhalle” in Bremen, Germany. The music was played live using only bass clarinet and live electronics.

Music for the Film “Land of the Painted Mountains”

I composed the music for this documentary about a trip to one of the last real remaining wilderness areas in the north-west of Canada. This area is threatened by large mining projects. This is the beginning of the film.

Sound Design for the Animation Film “Luciferin”

I recorded and produced the foley sounds and the sound design for this cute animated fairy-tale by Daniel Rath about a girl, a lightning bug and a scary monster. This is the beginning of the film.

Sound design for Art Installation

Sound design in quadraphonic surround-sound for an art installation by Tanja Meyle and Jacqueline Pehlemann. The work was commissoned by the art festival “24 Stunden Neukölln” in Berlin.

Music for the Film “Glioblastom”

This wonderful song is composed and played by the band “Lashley”. I recorded, mixed and mastered it for the film “Glioblastom” by Axel Ranisch and Tanja Bubbel.